Monday, March 15, 2010

Loss of Inspiration

I'm sorry I haven't written in over a month. For some reason, my desire to write has left me temporarily, replaced by a desire to do nothing (well, that and watching movies). I'm trying to bust out, which this will hopefully help me do, so will see how the coming weeks work out. I still have lots of ideas and unfinished business (Top Films of My Life).

Anyway, this is going to be an update or my life, kind of. I finally got my first paid work here in Portland the last two weeks of February at the Portland International Film Festival (post on that hopefully coming). It was nice to be working and getting paid to do so, but it also took me out of my volunteer routine, so that's mildly frustrating. It's remarkably easy to fall back on doing nothing.

However, nothing will not be done for long (I'm going to assume that says what I want it to say). I get trained to be a Census worker at the end of March and will hopefully have at least a month of work (and ideally, more). I'm pretty excited about it. The only downfall is that I have to go to people's homes when there are, well, at home. This means nights and weekends. Fortunately, I'm too courteous to go much after 8 PM or annoying times on weekends, so I don't think it will be that bad. Plus, I get to essentially make my own schedule (from what I understand. I may find out different after [paid!] orientation).

I'm also trying to work my magic to teach some film classes at Portland Community College. I've had some positive correspondences, meaning I had a response to my email (sometimes, it's just nice to hear back from someone).

Best of all, I've started climbing again and it's wonderful (aside from this group of annoying guys that always seems to be there when I am. Shockingly, I'm not the only person in this city who has free time during the day).

Also, everyone needs to check out the band The Rural Alberta Advantage. They rock!

Also, DM Stith