Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Final Halloween Post: Horror Wrap-Up

Even as the stores break out their Christmas decorations, I can't let go of Halloween. I assure you this will be the last post related to said subject. Next year, I hope to have a little more structure and information to this concept, which I thought of too late to have an actually tally of other, more interesting, information such as body count, murder weapons, nudity. Fun stuff like that. Still... here's what I've thrown together for you. Thanks for reading!

Total Number of Movies Watched: 36. This is counting Garfield and Great Pumpkin, but I'm still impressed with myself.

Notable Subgenres:
Haunted House -- 6
Zombie -- 2
Vampire -- 2
Werewolf -- 1
Killer Animal -- 5
Mad Scientist -- 4
Witchcraft -- 3
Cannibals -- 1
Aliens -- 1

Most Common Year: 1943 (all produced by Val Lewton) and 1980.
Most Common Decade: 1980s
Silent Films: 2
Number of Countries Represented: 7
Most Common Director: James Whale (3)
Most Common Producer: Val Lewton (3)
Most Common Actor: Boris Karloff (4), with special recognition to Melvyn Douglas who came on strong with three appearances in the last week and a half

Most Recommended: Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages
Best in Show: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (sorry, when you watch mostly heretofore unseen movies, it's hard to topple a classic)
Biggest Surprise: Elevator
Biggest Turd: Nightmare City

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