Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Horror Wrap-Up 2013

Last year I promised more structure to the wrap-up. Going into this October, I didn't expect to watch so many movies, especially with the Red Sox in the playoffs (CHAMPS!), so I did not keep that promise. Counting the animated collection as one feature, I watched 43 (!) movies this month. I'm as surprised as you. Now that the month is over, I don't really know what to do with myself. Maybe get to know my son a little...

Most Common Year -- 1988
Most Common Decade -- 1980's
Most Common Presence -- Roger Corman (6)
Most Common Director -- Stuart Gordon (2, Steven Spielberg and Joe Dante also have two credits, but Gordon directed two features as opposed to a feature and a short or two shorts, respectively)
Most Common Actor(s) -- Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Vincent Price (2)
Countries Heard From -- 5
Featured Nudity -- 11
No Deaths -- 7 (I counted High Spirits because a dead character and living character switch places so it balances out)
Colons in the Title -- 6
Most Unique Weapon -- Dildos
Notable Subgenres:
Were-Creature -- 2
Giant Monsters -- 4
Regular Monsters -- 3
Psychopaths -- 6
Omnibus -- 3
Vampires -- 2
When Animals Attack -- 3
Demons/Witchcraft -- 6
Zombies -- 3
Ghosts -- 5
Aliens -- 4
Best in Show -- Phantom of the Opera
Biggest Surprise -- Daybreakers
Worst -- Venus in Furs or Rats: Night of Terror